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Tube Amp Hall of Fame #18
A rare Matamp model GT100 valve head(serial No352).Manufactured in 1972(i think)
by Radio Craft(Hudds)Ltd,England...
Features 2 inputs,bass boost,drive,bass,treble,presence,volume controls.Echo(send + return).Contains the following valves/tubes :ECC83 x 2, EL34 x 3 and 1 other valve that has no numbers on it.
ecc82 for the effects loop?? Thanks for the pics fuzzy but Great none the less, for a #352 Mata


West Labs Avalon
Grand Funk Railroad  used these jewels. 2 EL34's rated at 50 watts RMS
The laydown style tranny (OLD)
67' Marshall Smallbox Plexi 50 watt amp amplifier

Marshall Artiste 50 Watt Head 1974